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UPMC Access Registration for iOS

Below is step by step instructions for Registering for UPMC Access for iOS 5.2 and higher: (Your screen may look different)

How can I check what version of iOS I have. Click here

  1. Download and install Citrix Receiver from the App Store via the following link: Apple Citrix Receiver for iOS

  2. Visit the following link from a browser on the iOS device: UPMC Access

  3. Citrix Receiver will open, select Add Account:

    Add Account

  4. In the username field, Enter your UPMC network username, select Save:

    enter credentials

  5. Select Import New Certificate:

    select certificate

  6. Complete Certificate screen as follows, select Next:

    complete certificate

  7. Enter your UPMC network username, select Submit:

    enter username

  8. Select from the list of registration methods and select Submit:

    select registration

  9. Enter the code you received and select Submit:

    enter code

  10. Login using your UPMC network password and select Submit:


  11. The client certificate will install into Receiver:

    certificate install

  12. Enter your UPMC network password, select OK:

    enter password

  13. Make sure that the Certificate Issued To: your username is checked, select Next:

    check certificate

  14. The next screen you will be prompted for your UPMC password. Enter your password and hit Go


  15. As stated click the + to choose what Icons you would like to see

    Application select

  16. To add the application click the + next to the application. The application will then load on the Main Application Screen.

    list of applications

  17. For more information about how to configure or use Receiver on your iOS device. Click Here.

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